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Wanna get "in the know"?

Waiting can be hard; especially for something that you're excited about! That's why staying informed is essential to staying ahead of the crowd. If you're itching to stay updated on Dragod Origins; there's the perfect solution just for you.   

Enter the Dragod Origins newsletter; the only newsletter with the most current and up-to-date info on the book, art reveals, book progress stats and more; sure to fill the info crunch that you want and need! Plus, these updates are straight from the author; meaning 100% legit info to you (nothing automated; like it was meant to be!) 


Why wait? Join the Dragod Origins newsletter today and get this subscriber-only info straight to your email, available on your device(s)! 


Forget dumb 7-day trials or lame, limited "free accounts" with access to nothing; sign up and receive full perks instantly.

Click the link below to be led to the Dragod Origins newsletter sign-up page or visit the DO Facebook page for the link to sign up! 

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