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About the Book

Interested in learning more about Dragod Origins? Check out the Q&A below for more answered questions and topics related to the book!

What's the youngest reading age recommended  for Dragod Origins?

It is recommended that the youngest of readers are older teens (15 and up), as this book contains battle violence, intense fighting scenes and descriptive gore. Slight language (obscene gestures, F-bombs and similarly potent language ARE NOT used in Dragod Origins' writing or storylines.) and brief romantic interactions/book passages (no sexual/provocative descriptions of that nature are used) are also described of in the book. Younger knights and princesses; tread carefully and consider if the quest is for you! 

*If you would like more information on the themes, vocabulary and descriptions used in Dragod Origins, please feel free to send a message with you concerns or questions with the message form at the bottom of this page.

When will the book be released to the general public?

Dragod Origins: Rising Blood will be released December 20th, 2023! Pre-orders for the Kindle edition are available for pre-order immediately!

What formats will Dragod Origins be available in?

Dragod Origins will be released in e-book, paperback and hardback. The Collector's Edition is also planned to be published, only to be available in hardback format.

Where could I purchase Dragod Origins after its release?

Dragod Origins: Rising Blood will be available on Amazon for purchase (The e-book edition will be made available on Apple Books, Kindle and other e-reading platforms). The Collector's Edition will ONLY be available for purchase on

How can I stay the most up-to-date on Dragod Origins?

Good question! Checking for added info is a great way as well as checking the Dragod Origins Official Facebook or Instagram pages, (the Instagram page is updated with 3 posts a week).


Hate clicking through browsers, searching on Facebook and dread researching for yourself? Well, rejoice: Dragod Origins has a convenient, oh-so dandy monthly book e-newsletter! Simply sign up right here on under "Get Connected" or visit the DO Facebook page for a link to the e-newsletter sign-up!


Get exclusive updates, not available anywhere else, plus extra perks; limited art reveals, fascinating newsletter articles, the most current of updates (you must be registered with an address to be included in any contests, sweepstakes, etc.) and more; these are just some of the benefits of being a subscriber! 

Don't miss anything; pick up your sword and sign up today!

After the book's release, could I get my copy signed?

With DORB being made available worldwide on multiple sales channels, along with the issue of liability, mailing, etc.; I cannot do special request signings.*

A free signed copy giveaway, along with other prizes, is to commence shortly after the book's launch; subscribe to the DO email newsletter or 'follow' the DO Instagram and/or Facebook for more details to come!


* However, if you purchased/received a copy of the book and you bump into me personally, I will gladly sign it on the spot (assuming you have your copy and a good pen)!

I've heard about a special "Collector's Edition" Dragod Origins book; what's that all about?

Besides the ebook, paperback and hardback editions Dragod Origins, a 4th version of Dragod Origins is to co-release. This special, one-of-a-kind version will feature the original novel and storyline as the other versions do, but feature;


3 specially commissioned artworks for Dragod Origins from Enchanted Ink Publishing; including an art never revealed to the public!


"The Legend of Dragod Origins"; the behind-the-scene story of DO from a collection of pencil sketches to written novel!


Author's photocopied autograph 


A beautiful dust cover jacket cover!

Gold foil book title/author name on the spine!

Is Dragod Origins the official title of the book? / Will there be a series?

"Dragod Origins" is part of the book's title and would be the book series name (e.g. 'Rising Blood' is the first Dragod Origins book. The second book would be 'Dragod Origins: ___ )

The debut DO novel "Dragod Origins; Rising Blood" will be the first novel in a possible Dragod Origins series. If more books were to be written, they would all carry the Dragod Origins series name.



Is a series possible? Yes, it is definitely possible and could happen!


A few factors would have to play in if the next book, let alone a series, would be announced. The overall reaction to "Dragod Origins; Rising Blood", book performance and reader input/reviews will heavily determine if the next book (or series) is very possible!


If you've read the debut book, please leave feedback; this will aid in the decision if whether or not the next book is approved (plus, it can point out things you, the reader, would like to see in the next book, which is also appreciated)!  

Is Dragod Origins correlated to any book or movie I've seen before?

Not at all. In the recent days of reimagined reboots, spin-offs and revived trilogies, Dragod Origins is stepping into the published book world as a completely new YA fantasy novel set within its own intricate universe, with unique characters and a original storyline. It is in no way part of or based off of or correlates to other novels or films such as The Hobbit©, The Hunger Games©, Game of Thrones©, Lord of the Rings© or any other similar film, novel, motion picture or graphic novel. If similarities occur, it is pure coincident. 

How much will the book cost? / What's the genre?

Working closely with Amazon and Lulu press, Shadow Beast Publishing has worked tirelessly to bring the best value to the reader while being able to support the book's cost. The prices are as follows (special limited promotions, however, may lower the price of one or more versions of the book temporarily);

Kindle/ebook; $7.99

Paperback; $17.99

Hardback; $21.99

Collector's Edition (Hardback with dust jacket); $32.99


Dragod Origins is a brand-new YA fantasy novel chock-full of ferocious battles, tense suspense, daring adventure, young love and unexpected allies. DORB is the first novel to be written and published by Evander Wiggins. Don't worry, there will be a plethora of fantastic fantasy beings and loads of dragons! 

What is 'Shadow Beast Publishing? / What changes will SBP bring to Dragod Origins?

Shadow Beast Publishing is E. K. Wiggins' publishing imprint, under which Dragod Origins: Rising Blood (and possibly any other titles/publications in the future) fall under the name of. This is to make searching, discovering and locating (mainly on social media platforms and book distributor platforms) easier and quicker. With the advent of Shadow Beast Publishing, it also will transpire into a new look for the brand, as well as several changes.


Shadow Beast Publishing will be bringing several large changes to the table as 2024 will shortly begin, changing the way Dragod Origins (as well as any other possible releases) will be represented. The main changes will include;

1. The website will be shut down and all active links deactivated (mid-late 2024) after the Shadow Beast Publishing website becomes active.


2. All social media currently under the Dragod Origins/Dragod Origins Official name will be rebadged as Shadow Beast Publishing.

3. An updated SBP imprint logo will be featured in any future publications (currently, the original logo is feature in 'Dragod Origins: Rising Blood').

SBP is an indie publishing imprint that only will promote, advertise and publish books by E. K. Wiggins and will not provide any book editing, book review or publishing services to the public.

Still have questions, want to learn more about Dragod Origins or leave feedback?

Thanks for submitting! Your message has been sent by dragon; you shall receive a return correspondence soon!

Message rules; Please no vulgar language, slurs of any kind or anything of the like; conduct your question/messages in a professional manner, as if you were speaking to another person, please.

Please note that messages will be answered ASAP, but that editor work, advertising deadlines, etc. may delay the response 3-4 days or later due to these factors; your patience is greatly appreciated.

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