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About the Author; E. K. Wiggins

Currently writing Dragod Origins; Rising Blood, Evander works in fast food (Chick-fil-a) and is a licensed barber. In his spare time he tries to squeeze in as much writing as he can!


When his time is not filled with delivering sandwiches and book-writing, he loves playing 1 of 7 musical instruments or listening to music (anything from the 80's to heavy metal to classical sonatas!) and biking.


His love of dragons lead him to create the original storyline and drawings for a series called "Dragon Quest", which eventually lead to the inception of the first Dragod Origins book, (released December 20th, 2023! (Check out the "The Story of Dragod Origins" tab for the full story!)


He loves all sorts of cars, especially unique and rare microcars (owning a Peel P50, the world's smallest car, is a dream of his!)


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